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Scientist Choice Full 1080p High Definition Eyeball Cam w/ Built-in IR or White LED Light

Ideal for Undetected Wildlife Observation, Lab Research, or Spy Video Surveillance in Total Darkness

This self illuminated tiny micro HD-SDI CCTV camera equipped with built-in LED Light that allows the
camera lens to see in the total darkness  with no external lighting support and optional LED dimmer

allows to prevent white glow effects especially when viewing objects that are close to the camera lens

The IR LED light is not seen by human or animal eyes so it is perfect for building your own
disguised video surveillance system for wildlife observation, hidden covert security, or scientific research

Transmits 1080p Full HD Video over RG-59 up to 1,000ft & Cat5/6 Cable up to 100ft

hd eyeball cam, 1080p full hd video, no red glow ir light, white led


 "Click below pictures to view Live Video Stream & Compare HD vs Analog"

click to view Live Video...  click to view Live Video...                click to view Live Video...  click to view Live Video...
                       1920 x 1080p Full HD (Live Video @ 15fps)                                   960 x 480p Analog (Live Video @ 30fps)

 "Click below pictures to view Actual Size Still Photo & Compare HD vs Analog"

click to enlarge...  click to enlarge...                click to enlarge...  click to enlarge...
                                1920 x 1080p Full HD (Still Photo)                                           960 x 480p Analog (Still Photo)


Perfect for Nature Video Documentary & Professional Wilderness Video Surveillance


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EH-EBR10NR  --- Preorder to built in house & ships out within 3~10 working days ---


High Definition Bullet Camera w/ No-Red-Glow 950nm Invisible IR LED Light


EH-EBR10WH  --- Preorder to built in house & ships out within 3~ 10 working days ---


High Definition Bullet Camera w/ Super Bright White LED Light

Specification: *Subject to change without prior notice

Image Sensor

2.0Mega-pixel Color CMOS

Video Signal Type

*All these three HD types show almost identical HD video quality and one among those will be chosen by our production team defending on the best availability by the time an order is processed and a compatible DVR information to be specified on the included instruction guide.
*When you already have your own HD DVR system, please get a confirmation from our production team if you can order a compatible HD signal type before placing an order with us.

Video Resolution

1080p @ 30fps (NTSC) & 1080p @ 25fps (PAL)

Total Pixels

1920(H) x 1080(V)

Video Output

BNC HD Output


Megapixel 3.7mm Board Lens (FOV 90)

Day Visibility

1 inch from the camera to infinity

Shutter Speed


Day / Night


Gamma Characteristic

Y= 0.45typ

S/N Ratio

More than 52dB

Special Features

Day Night, WDR, AWB, AGC, DNR, Mirror, etc.

Minimum Illumination

0.0 LUX @ at LED on

LED Light

* Invisible 940NM or 950NM IR-LED: Shows no red glow on the tip of IR LED when it turned on and the IR light beam is also   completely invisible to human eyes. It is the best for the complete undetected video surveillance and viewing object in close range in the dark.

Strong 850NM IR-LED: Shows red glow on the tip of LED when it's on, but the emitting IR-light beam is invisible to human eye and it produces a longer emitting power than the invisible 950NM IR-LED. It is suitable for the undetected surveillance video and viewing objects that are in long range in the dark. 

White LED:
The white light beam is seen by human eyes exactly same as what you see from a conventional LED flashlight and it it the best when objects are viewed in color at night as they seen in daylight. 

LED Beam Travel Distance in Air

* 850NM Strong Infrared LED - Appx. 60ft

* No Red Glow Infrared LED - Appx. 30ft

* White LED - Appx. 60ft

LED Control

IR light automatically turns on-off LED at about 10 LUX by CdS sensor built-in
* White LED turns on-off w/ Separate LED power connector built-in


1.8LB (800g)


5.3" x 4.9" x 3.5" (134.2 x 123.9 x 88.1mm)

Power Supply

DC 12V1V 

Power Consumption

4W at LED on

Operation Temp.

-40F ~ 140F / 90% RH or Less

Storage Temp.

-50F ~ 150F / 90% RH or Less


One Year Full Warranty including Parts & Labor

Parts Includes

Mount Bracket, AC/DC 12V Power Adapter, Quick Starter Guide

Details of Optional Devices

click to enlarge...

* LED Brightness adjustable Dimmer @ $40 additional cost.

* 7hr Capacity at LED Light-on in continuous use
Rechargeable NiMH DC 12V Battery Kit
* Auto Control Universal 7~12V Smart Charger included
* Click here to review more product details


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