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Portable Mobile Video Surveillance Gear / Counter Spy Gadget

Easy to use Cool Spy Gears & High Tech Unique Gadget Gift Ideas
Home security, Business surveillance, Home alone Pet watch, School Security
Child Monitoring, Wild Animal video, Zoo keeping, Bird net watch, Garden watch, Natural Life observation
Cash counter surveillance, Baby Watch, Office Surveillance, Infants safety, Property security, Animal Watch
Backyard Watch, Outdoor security, Hidden surveillance, Spy video, Live video, Video surveillance, Nanny Cam

Portable Mobile Video Camera System on Telescopic Pole


Group P/N: ENC-130 Group P/N: ENC-131 Group P/N: ENC-132
Remote Control PTZ Pole Video Snake Head Telescopic Video  All Purpose Ultimate Pole Video
RS-232 or RS-485 Control Interface
4~18ft Extendable & Retractable Pole
x270 Zoom & LED Brightness Adjustable
Ultra High 620TVL Video
Built-in White or Infrared Light
Versatility to use as Drop Camera
600TVL Video w/ IR LED Light
4~8, 6~12, or 8~3ft Telescopic Pole
Auto True Color IR-Cut Filter Change

Group P/N: ENC-133

Group P/N: ENC-134 Group P/N: ENC-135
Long Range LED Pole Video Cam Rust Free Rugged Pole Video Super Bright White Light Pole Video
No White Glow Video w/ Smart IR
45 White LED or 40 Invisible IR LED
4~8, 6~12, or 8~3ft Telescopic Pole
White or Infrared IR LED Light
Rust Free Polycarbonate Camera
4~8, 6~12, or 8~3ft Telescopic Pole
Ultra High 600TVL Video
Versatility to use as Drop Camera
4~8, 6~12, or 8~3ft Telescopic Pole


Ultra Mini Tiny Covert Surveillance Camera 


$449.00 (Reg. $549.00) $549.00 (Reg. $599)

$299.00 (Reg. $349.00)

 Thinnest Pinpoint Tactical Cam 

Invisible IR Light Tiny Covert Cam

 Fingertip Size Tiny Covert Cam
Only 4.4mm in Diameter
CMOS Color & 240TVL Video
Pinhole Lens 55 Viewing Angle

Only 8mm in Diameter
CMOS Color & 400TVL Video
2.1mm Lens 92 Viewing Angle

Only sizes 8.6 x 8.6mm
CMOS Color & 400TVL Video
Pinhole Lens 55 Viewing Angle

$189.00 (Reg. $229.00) $159.00 (Reg. $199) $249.00 (Reg. $279.00)
Invisible Day Night Micro Board Cam 0.00008LUX OSD Control Module Invisible IR Lipstick Bullet Cam
550 TVL / 8 Invisible IR-LED
1/3" Sony Super HAD Color CCD
No Red Glow LED Total Undetected
Ultra High 600TVL Video Resolution
Requires only 0.00008 Candle Light
All functions adjusted via OSD built-in
1/3" Sony Super HAD Color CCD ll
700 TVL / Invisible IR or White LED
30mm Diameter / 20ft Night Visibility

Portable Mobile Underwater Camera System


Group P/N: EUC-2000

Group P/N: EUC-700

Group P/N: EUC-1000
Snake Head Micro Inspection Cam 500ft Depth Rate SeaDrop Cam  All Purpose Ultimate Underwater Video
Ultra High 700TVL Video
31mm Micro Slim Camera Head
Bright White LED or IR Light Built-in
 Vertical Depth up to 500ft
940NM Invisible IR or White LED
Rust Free Polycarbonate Housing
560TVL Video w/ 230ft Depth
Adjustable Brightness Control LED

Sony 1/3" Super HAD (HQ) Color CCD


Group P/N: EUC-9000

Group P/N: EUC-4000

Group P/N: EUC-7000

Submarine Twin Panning Cam Long Range LED Underwater Video Remote Control PTZ Underwater Cam
Vertical Depth up to 1,000ft
White LED Twin Cameras Built-in
Endless Panning Sideward Camera
45 White or Invisible IR LED
No White Glow Effect in Night Video
Sony 1/3" Super HAD CCD 480 TVL
LED Brightness Adjustable
48 Super Bright White LED Light
270x Tele-Zoom & RS-485 or 232

Portable Mobile Video Recording Gadget 


$849.00 (Reg. $899) $329.00 (Reg. $399.00) $279.00 (Reg. $329.00)

Portable Touch Screen DVR Monitor

 Covert Button Video Spy Gear  Car Black Box DVR EvidenCam

Stores on Internal HDD & SD Card
Rechargeable Battery Real-time View
Schedule, Motion Activation Recording

Rechargeable Battery Built-in
640x480 pixels Super High Video
Records on Mini SD card up to 32GB
Live Video Recording & View
Flip Down 2.5" TFT Color Display 
Motion Activation / Supports 64GB



$299.00 (Reg. $349.00) $239.00 (Reg. $279.00)

$399.00 (Reg. $449.00)

Mini Video Recording Monitor

 Motion Activated MonsterCam

 HD Helmet DVR Cam
4GB Micro SD Card & up to 32GB
A/V Input for Live Video Recording
Rechargeable Built-in Li-Ion Battery
Heavy Duty All-Weather Housing
PIR Sensor Motion Activated Recording
Battery Operation & IR LED Night Video
5MP HD CMOS Camera 
SD Card Storage up to 32GB

1920x1080 pixels at 30FPS Recording

Covert Spy Video Audio Recording Gadget



$119.00 (Reg. $149)

$79.00 (Reg. $99.00)

$199.00 (Reg. $239.00)

Covert Coat Hook Nanny Cam

Keychain Covert Spy DVR  Motion Activation Stealth DVR Pen

1280x960 pixels @ 30fps
External Micro SD Card up to 16GB
USB Battery Recharge & File Transfer

Rechargeable Battery Built-in
960x780 pixels Super High Video
4GB Memory & Emergency Recharger
8GB Built-in  Memory
Built-in Rechargeable Battery
DVD Quality 1280x720 AVI Format


$199.00 (Reg. $239)

$219.00 (Reg. $249.00)

$149.00 (Reg. $189)

Submersible High-Tech Watch DVR

Night Vision High-Tech Watch DVR

Waterproof Spy Watch DVR

1280x960 pixels @ 30fps
4 or 8GB Selectable Built-in Memory
USB Battery Recharge & File Transfer

1920x1080 Ultra High Video @ 30fps
4 or 8GB Selectable Built-in Memory
USB Battery Recharge & File Transfer

1280x960 pixels Super High Video
4GB Built-in 2.5hr Recording Time
USB Battery Recharge & File Transfer


PC Spy Logger & Cell phone Monitoring Gadget


$119.00 (Reg. $149.00) $159.00 (Reg. $189.00) $149.00 (Reg. $179.00)
EZ PC Porn Detector  EZ Stealth Logger PC Spy Gear Cell Phone Spy SIM Card Reader
99% Accurate Detection Rate
Scan all Pornography Images
Plug-n-play Installed in Seconds
 Plug-in to Install & again to Retrieve
Total Undetectable No need left in PC
Control & Monitor Target PC via Internet
  Retrieve Phone# & Messages
Recover Deleted Text Messages
Programmable Parental Control SW


Self  DIY Video Audio Surveillance Gadget


$299.00 (Reg. $349.00)

$599.00 (Reg. $649.00) $599.00 (Reg. $649.00)
 Covert Home Spy Floodlight DVR

Cube Clock Radio Spy Video Gadget

Tissue Box Spy Video Gadget

Motion Activated Video & LED Light
SD Card Storage & 4 Alarm Sounds

Date Time Stamp & 640x480 at 10fps

Total Covert Totally Concealed
Records on SD Card up to 32GB
Motion Activated & Time Projector

Motion Activated Video
Total Covert Totally Concealed
Records on SD Card up to 32GB



$199.00 (Reg. $239.00)

$198.00 ($41 off from $239.00)

$169.00 (Reg. $239.00)
 Motion Activation Stealth DVR Pen

Cutting-Edge New Spy Pen Recorder

Soda Pop Spy Video Cam
8GB Built-in  Memory
Built-in Rechargeable Battery
DVD Quality 1280x720 AVI Format

18hr Recording Time
Rechargeable via USB connection

Easy Control Wired Remote Control

Up to 3hrs Continuous Recording
Remote Control On/Off Operation
4GB Built-in Memory 640x480 30fps


Portable Monitor & Handheld Micro DVR 


$299.00 (Reg. $349.00) $549.00 (Reg. $599.00) $339.00 (Reg. $399.00)
Mini Video Recording Monitor Touch Screen 3.6" DVR Monitor Portable CCTV Tester Monitor
4GB Micro SD Card & up to 32GB
A/V Input for Live Video Recording
Rechargeable Built-in Li-Ion Battery
 Touch Screen Operation
Up to 32GB SD Card or 160GB HDD
Still Photo Shooting & Motion Activation
  3.5" Color Screen & DC12V Output
Rechargeable Li-Ion Battery & GPS
Supports up to 32GB Micro SD Card

Counter Surveillance Hidden Camera & Audio Bug Detector



$89.00 (Reg. $99)

$69.00 (Reg. $79.00) $179.00 (Reg. $199.00)

Mini Rechargeable Bug Detector

Mini Counter Spy Bug Detector  All-in-One Premium Bug Detector

All-in-One for all hidden cameras
Detects Wireless or Wired Cameras
Detects the camera lens reflectivity

RF Detection 0MHz ~ 6.0GHz
Detects Wireless Audio Bug & Camera
2x AAA batteries / 4hr Continuous Use
RF Detection 1Mhz ~ 6.5GHz
Rechargeable Lithium Battery
Detects Wireless & Wired Cam Lens


Telephone & Cell Phone Voice Changer


$34.00 (Reg. $39.00)

$39.00 (Reg. $45.00)

$199.00 (Reg. $239.00)

 Hands Free Cell Phone Voice Changer 

Voice Changer for Cell & Home Phone

Professional Telephone Voice Changer

4 different voice settings
Switchable to normal voice
Use as normal hands free earphone

Changeable to 8 different voices
One step to hook up & 9V Battery
Converts between Male & Female Voice

14 programmable voice settings
One step to connect to your phone
Built-in mic. offers ultra-low distortion


SpyEar Voice Grabber &  Sound Pick-up Amplifier 


$599.00 (Reg. $689.00)

$229.00 (Reg. $259.00)

$99.00 (Reg. $129.00)

Monster Ear Sound Amplifier

 Pro Bionic Spy Ear & Booster Kit

BioDish Bionic Sound Amplifier

Hear sounds 300 yards away
3-band equalizer to adjust sounds
6 panel snap together parabolic dish

Automatic Safety Shut off at 90dB
Amplification Power up to 40dB Gain
Change to High Directional w/Booster

5~50x Sound Pick-up Amplification
Long Sound Pick-up Range up to 300ft
Built-in Monocular & Runs w/ 9V Battery


Portable Audio Monitoring Gadget 


click to enlarge...

$25.00 (Reg. $29.00)

$198.00 ($41 off from $239.00)

$19.00 ($5 off from $24.00)

 Ultra Sensitive CCTV Microphone

Cutting-Edge New Spy Pen Recorder

 DC 5V Emergency Power Charger

No Delay in Audio Transmission
GFSK 100ft Transmission Range
Rechargeable Battery up to 10hr Use

18hr Recording / Made in Korea
Rechargeable / Holiday Gift Idea

Looks exactly as Real Ballpoint Pen

Charged via USB Cable Connection
2x AA Battery Powered & Built-in LED
Portable Charger for DC 3.7V Gadgets



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