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Heavy Duty Underwater Cables

Poly-Vinyl insulated cable w/ Special waterproof receptacle for Saltwater or Freshwater
Built-in Coaxial cable to transmit Video signal in Long range / Shielding with Aluminum Foil to stop RF Interference
* 7-pin cable available for EUC-5000 & EUC-7000 series optionally and pre-order required


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All wires insulated with Poly-vinyl jacket
All cable sets include a 2-way power splitter attached on
Shielding with Aluminum Foil to stop RF Interference
Built-in 2-DC Jacks (one uses for Camera and other one for LED power) + One Video RCA Jack
Available cable lengths: 33ft (10M) / 98ft (30M) / 328ft (100M) / 656ft (200M)
Cable diameter - 8mm(0.315") / Receptacle outer diameter - 20mm (0.79")

Special Instruction

*This cable is specially designed to use in any form of the water and also designed to expose to heavy moisture environment for long period.

*The EZspyCam underwater cable cannot be connected and extended one to another; one-piece cable must be  connected directly from the camera.

*The power line of this cable is designed to connect with the power transformer that draws up to DC-24V and never should be connected with any power source directly from the regular house or industrial AC outlet.

*The EZspyCam underwater cable only should be used to connect with underwater cameras of EZspyCam. Otherwise the warranty will not cover when the cable malfunctions that caused by using the customer's own or other brand underwater camera.

*Click the following link or paste to your web browser to make sure to review Installation Guide of the underwater camera and cable.

1-Year warranty will not cover if the camera or cable malfunctions that caused by improper installation.

*Click the following link or paste it to you web browser to make sure to review a proper way to purchase the right underwater camera set  of EZspyCam.

* Seal where all arrow-pointed connections shown on the left photo with the electrical tape for 100% moisture free when it is left outside near the wet area and never submerge this connecting portion that around 2ft from the cable ending.

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*The special waterproof receptacle shown on the left photo that affixed on the cable ending and the camera itself never should be submerged by itself without connecting them together completely as it instructed.

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