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High-Tech Covert Spy Video Audio Surveillance Gadget

Make invisible & customize to your own covert video surveillance gear
Home security, Business surveillance, Home alone Pet watch, School Security
Child Monitoring, Wild Animal video, Zoo keeping, Bird net watch, Garden watch, Natural Life observation
Cash counter surveillance, Baby Watch, Office Surveillance, Infants safety, Property security, Animal Watch
Backyard Watch, Outdoor security, Hidden surveillance, Spy video, Live video, Video surveillance, Nanny Cam

Wireless Mobile Portable Video Spy Surveillance Gadget


EMC-003 - PI Gum Size Micro Spy Camcorder - Built-in Micro Pinhole Video Camera  for Covert Video Surveillance

Secret Agent Pen Camcorder, Pen DVR, Pen Video Audio Recorder

SUV-Cam Submersible Protable Handheld Video Audio Recording System

$199.00 (Reg. $223.50) $279.00 (Reg. $239.00) $562.50 ~ $1,015.50
PI Gum Stick Cam Micro Camcorder Secret Agent Covert Pen Camcorder Submersible  Video Recording System
Ultra Micro Covert Camcorder
Rechargeable & 2 or 4GB Memory
Real-time 30fps up to 66 hr Recording
30 Hr Recording Time
1 Mega Pixel Built-in Video Camera
4GB Memory & Rechargeable Battery
Plug-in-Play & Submergible
Rechargeable & 2.2" Color TFT-LCD
SD Card Recording & Real-time Video


Covert Button Camera Video System

$190.80 ~ $254.40 $106.00 ~ 133.00 $287.00 ~ $359.00
Micro Ball Cam DVR Indoor Covert Light Bulb Cam Smallest Covert Button Video System
Worlds Smallest Cam + DVR Combo
Built-in Motion Detector & Microphone
Rechargeable Battery & 48hr Recording
Installs into any light fixture
Infrared enhanced Night Vision
300ft Video Transmits via Power Line
2.28 square inch LCD TFT display
640x480 pixels / Featherlight 45g DVR
Color Cam w/ Interchangeable buttons


$155.25 ~ $202.50 $109.19 ~ $142.43 $91.71 ~ $119.63
Wireless Micro Video Transmitter  Wireless Micro Covert Video Kit 4-CH Wireless Micro Camera
2.4GHz 4CH Micro Spy Video Tx
Medium Range Great Penetration
Micro Size for Hidden Surveillance
2.4GHz / 330ft Range
380 TVL / 5.6mm Board Lens
 Mini Spy Tx Cam + Desktop Rx Kit
2.4GHz / 330ft Range
380 TVL / 5.6mm Board Lens
 Quality CMOS Color Image Sensor


EWC-002 - Covert Wireless 5.8GHz 8CH 4~9mm Varifocal Tx Camera w/ 1,000ft Range Desktop 5.8GHz Wireless Receiver

$227.70 ~$297.00 $404.00 ~$523.00 $434.70 ~$567.00
 Wireless Micro Board Video Transmitter  Wireless Micro Varifocal Camera  Wireless Micro Pinhole Camera
5.8GHz 8CH Micro Board Video Tx
Micro Size for Spy Hidden Surveillance
Long Range Quality Video Transmission
5.8GHz 8CH 1,000ft
470 TVL 4~9mm Varifocal Cam
 Mini Spy Tx Cam + Desktop Rx Kit
5.8GHz 8CH 1,000ft
Mini Spy Tx Cam + Desktop Rx Kit
420 TVL 3.7mm Conical Pinhole Cam

Wired Video Spy Surveillance Gadget


$92.00 ~ $120.00 $85.10 ~ $110.00

$94.00 ~ $144.00

 Motion Sensor Covert Camera  Smoke Detector Covert Camera   Encased Micro Pinhole Camera
420 TVL High Resolution
 Built-in 3.7mm Pinhole Lens
1/3" Sony Super HAD Color CCD
420 TVL High Resolution
Built-in 3.6mm Board Lens
1/3" Sony Super HAD Color CCD
0.5 LUX  / 420 TVL High Resolution
Interline Transfer 1/4" CCD
3.7mm Multi-layer Conical Pinhole Lens


$59.17~ $77.81 $73.54 ~ $95.93 $174.00 ~ $217.50
 Ultra Mini Covert Cam w/Bonus Lens All-in-One Micro Covert Kit

 Invisible Nightvision IR Cam

 Bonus Wide Angle Lens
380 TVL / Built-in Microphone
 Quality CMOS Color Image Sensor
380 TVL / Built-in Microphone
Bonus Dummy Cam & Tripod
Quality CMOS Color Image Sensor

400 TVL / 56 Invisible IR-LED
1/3" Sony Super HAD Color CCD
Variety Lens Size / 60ft Night Visibility



ECC-300 - Micro PC Board Color Camera w/ Super Bright White LED

ECC-200 - Invisible Day Night Micro Covert Board Camera w/ 950nm IR LED

ECC-400 - Super Sensitive IR filtered Micro Pinhole Board Color Camera

$128.00 ~ $159.00 $116.00 ~ $145.50 $117.50 (Reg. $127.50)
 Day Night Super Bright Micro Cam Invisible Day Night Micro Board Cam

 Super Sensitive Micro Pinhole Camera

420 TVL High Res w/ 6 White-LED
1/3" Sony Super HAD Color CCD
15ft Night Visibility & 2.5mm Wide Lens
420 TVL High Res w/ 8 Invisible IR-LED
1/3" Sony Super HAD Color CCD
12ft Night Visibility & 2.5mm Wide Lens
0.005 LUX  / 420 TVL High Resolution
1/3" Sony Super HAD Color CCD
3.7mm Multi-layer Pinhole Lens

Audio Covert Surveillance Gadget


EDR-901 - Black Stealth Spy Pen Digital Voice Recorder w/ Remote Controller

EDR-907 - 142 hr Ultra Micro Spy Digital Voice Recorder w/ Bright Color LCD & MP3 Player

EDR-906 - 70 hr Mult-functional Clip-on Digital Pen Voice Recorder w/ MP3 Player

$149.00 ~ $179.00

$159.00 ~ $129.00

$139.00 ~ $109.00

 Black Stealth Spy Pen Voice Recorder

 Ultra Micro Pro Spy Voice Recorder

Sophisticated Voice Spy Machine

Built-in 256MB Flash Memory
High Quality Audio Recording

Easy Control Wired Remote Control

Worlds First Color LCD Screen
142hr Recording Time, 3-Type Mic
FM Radio / VOR / Bonus Battery Pack

70hr Recording Time & Handy Clip
Sleek Design, Omni Directional Mic
MP3 Player, VOR, 7-Equalizer Mode



EDR-904 - Silverman Wrist Watch Spy Digital Voice Recorder w/ Rechargeable Battery & High Sensitive German Microphone Built-in

007 Metallic Digital Spy Voice Recorder

EDR-900 - Premium Covert Spy Pen Digital Voice Recorder w/ Remote Controller

$115.70 ~ $151.30

$95.00 ~ $119.00

$129.00 (Reg. $145.00)

 Sliverman Spy Watch Audio Recorder  007 Metallic Spy Pen Audio Recorder  Premium Spy Pen Digi Voice Recorder
Built-in 2GB Flash Memory
80-hr Quality Audio Recording

Super Sensitive German microphone
Built-in 2GB Flash Memory
144 hr Long Recording Time
Rechargeable via USB connection
Built-in 128MB Flash Memory
Rechargeable via USB connection

Easy Control Wired Remote Control

Counter Surveillance Spy Gadgets


$228.85 ~ $298.50 $34.80 ~ $43.50 $382.80 ~ $478.50
 2.4GHz Wireless Video Catcher Handheld Counter Spy RF Detector Professional Handheld RF Detector
Rechargeable Battery in cradle
Built-in 4-CH A/V Receiver & Antenna
Color TFT-LCD w/ 480x234 Resolution
Works w/ 2x AA Batteries
Counter Spy 0 ~ 6GHz Range
Wireless Radio Frequency Detection
Counter Spy 30MHz~2.8GHz Range
Wireless Radio Frequency Detection
Built-in Rechargeable Ni-Cd Batteries

Add-on Gadgets


$182.85 ~ $238.50 $88.00 ~ $109.00 $79.35 ~ $103.50
  Portable Handheld Video Viewer   Via-Power-Line Video Tx-Rx Kit Camera to PC Converter
Operates with Three AA Batteries
Color TFT / NTSC & PAL Switchable
Use w/ Any Cam has Comp-Video Out
Plug your own CCTV or Video Cams
Transmit Video vial Power Line

To your TV or VCR in Real-time
PC USB 2.0 Video Converter
Converts analog video Audio signals
into Real-Time MPEG recording


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