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 Purchasing Guide of Covert Micro Camera



1. Select the security camera(s) that suits to your application considering all the aspects of Field of View (FOV), Signal System, Night visibility, Video resolution (TVL), Minimum illumination (LUX), etc...

2. Check the video connector type built-on both camera and video outlet of either display monitor or recording device and make sure to purchase proper converter(s) separately if the connecter type(s) is(are) different than the connector type built-on both endings of the cable to be used.

3. Measure a distance between camera(s) and recording or monitoring equipments and purchase a proper length of the cable from available one(s) in 3-in-1 RCA cable or 2-in-1 BNC cable.

4. Most of CCTV cameras come with its own power supply, otherwise make sure to purchase a proper power supplier separately and suggest you to purchase a larger amperage power transformer if you want to operate together with other DC-12V equipments that power drawn and shared from the same power transformer connects to the camera.

5. Make sure to purchase and use one of the power splitters when power is drawn from a power transformer and shared with two or more equipments.

6. Now review the installation guide shown on each product site thoroughly after all required parts and proper camera are decided to purchase, then determine firmly before move on to the purchasing process whether you will be able to handle the easy Do-it-Yourself installation procedure or not? If you are not so sure, please always contact us via email at customer@007SecurityCamera.com to have pre-consultation with our trained technicians and make sure to obtain a clear knowledge about equipments and installation procedure.

7. Then, review Sales Terms and Conditions thoroughly before you click on "BUY" button to purchase products.


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