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 Installation Guide of Night Vision Waterproof Pole Camera



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1. Unscrew the knob on the female joint, which built-on at the back of the camera and insert the male joint, which built-on at the end of the retractable pole to the female joint, then screw tighten the knob back to fix them firmly together.

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2. Connect the cable as Red (Camera Power) & Black (LED Power) to the included DC-12V power source via 2-way Power Splitter that included, Yellow BNC Jack (Video) to Video input on a recording or monitoring device, and Black BNC Jack to the included Remote Control Unit.
* Seal where all connections with
the electrical tape for 100% moisture free when it is left outside near the wet area and never submerge this connecting portion.

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3. Pull out from the most inner layer of the pole which the camera mount is built-on and expand the pole length as it desired.

4. Adjust viewing angle of the camera looking at the connected display monitor and ask for help on correcting the camera-viewing angle if the monitor location is out of viewable range from the camera.

Special Note: Infrared light cannot be seen by human eyes and only possible to be seen through the connected display monitor.


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