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 VoiceBridge Pro Wireless Portable Mini Stereo Audio Transmitter & Receiver Kit

Newest invention of 2.4GHz Portable Micro Wireless Voice Transmitter & Receiver kit that allows you to
transmit your voice or music to a speaker system or any audio equipment wirelessly, even through walls.

Professional reporters & camera men, no need to carry the tangling wired microphone,
just clip on the transmitter microphone to reporter and shoot your video going around freely.

Easy to use & Plug-n-Play! Just recharge both transmitter & receiver and simply
transmit your voice or music to a speaker or other music device where the receiver plugged-in

 Send your voice & music wirelessly through walls & Plug-n-Play, No more tangling wires!

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General Specification

Item#: EWS-001   *** Pre-order required & ships out within 15 working days ***

Description: VoiceBridge 2.4GHz GSFS Portable Wireless Stereo Audio Transmitter & Receiver Kit

This sensational device is a “Must-Have” gadget for professors, teachers, doctors, professional camera men, college students, sales managers, corp. directors, architectures, and all who attends seminars and conducts own presentations regularly.

Bring it to seminars and clip on the transmitter microphone anywhere near the speaker’s stand to transmit every word
of the lecturer’s voice to the receiver on your desk. Hook up the receiver to your voice recorder and record every 
detail of the lecture contents as listen to the crystal clear voice of the speaker via earphones.

Take to your own presentation along with any audio boom box or stand-alone speaker and make your presentation
stands out having your voice reached all the way backside of the presentation room.

Internal Li-polymer battery recharges via included AC/DC charger and lasts up to 8 hrs on one time recharging. 
This new VoiceBridge enables to transmit crystal clear audio up to 100ft in using GFSK frequency
which is new generation wireless radio frequency type and this proven wireless frequency prevents the delay echo
effect in transmission, not as the Bluetooth transmission does.

*Legal Notice: Not for use covert in covert surveillance applications.
  Consult your state laws restricting audio monitoring.


  • 2.4GHz GFSK Wireless Stereo Audio Transmission up to 100ft  

  • Mix your voice while transmitting audio from the externall audio device

  • Real-time, No delay & No echo effect in transmission, not as Bluetooth does

  • Built-in rechargeable battery lasts up to 8hrs on one time 1 ~ 1.5hr recharging

  • Transmit Crystal Clear Audio through walls to other room wirelessly

  • Recharge, Turn on for Auto pairing, & Ready to use. Plug-n-Play


  • Transmission range in open space: up to 30m (100ft)

  • Transmission frequency: ISM Band 2,400 to 2,483GHz

  • Transmission Speed: GFSK 4Mbps

  • Bandwidth: 4MHz

  • Modulation mode: FID

  • Communication System: TDD (Time Division Duplex)

  • Power: DC .37V Built-in Rechargeable Battery

  • Receiving sensitivity: -90dBm @0.1% BER

  • Transmission sensitivity: +10dBm Max.

  • Tx Current consumption: 50~60mA 32ksps @ 10dBm

  • Rx Current consumption: 45~55mA 32ksps @ -90dBm  

  • Recharging time: 1 - 1.5hrs

  • Power consumption: 200mA Max.

  • AC/DC Power Adapter: 100~220V 60Hz 350mA

  • Operating temperature: -10 to +60°C

  • Operating humidity: ≤85%RH

  • Mic output signal level: 1000mV/32Ω

  • Line out signal level: 300mV/1KΩ  

Parts Included:click to enlarge...
Transmitter Microphone, Receiver, Audio-out Cable, Audio-in Cable, Quick Starter, AC/DC Power Charge



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