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Wireless Home Spy Wall Clock Video Surveillance System w/ 4-CH Wireless Video Receiver

This wireless clock camera features next-generation 2.4 GHz circuitry. The wireless receiver hooks up easily
to your computer or monitor so you'll be up and running in no time. Place this attractive unit anywhere you might
put an ordinary clock: on a shelf in the baby's room, atop a cabinet in the office, on granny's dresser or night table.

The only rule for decorating with this item is that the pinhole lens must face the area you want monitored.
The wide camera angle will take care of the rest. This unit is ideal for covert surveillance tasks such as nanny
or granny cam, seeing what the kids are up to when you're not around, watching over the office in your absence.

Plug-n-Play Home Video Surveillance Gadget w/ No Special Wiring Required



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Wireless 2.4Ghz Covert Wall Clock Video Surveillance System


  • Long operation range: up to 100m line of sight or 30m through obstructions (walls/ceilings)

  • Totally disguised and the high tech pinhole camera concealed inside the wall clock

  • Camera power - Single 9 Volt Battery to use 2.5~ 5hrs (Defend on Battery Type) or AC/DC Adapter for Continuous Use

  • 2.4GHz Transmitter w/ 380TV resolution high-tech color video camera built-in & Palm size 4-CH Receiver

  • Great application for Nanny Cam, Hidden Video Surveillance, Covert Spy, etc.

Hardware Specification

Camera Transmitter

  • Frequency: ISM 2,400 - 2,483MHz

  • Imaging Sensor: 1/3 inch OMNIVISION Color CMOS

  • Horizontal Resolution: 380TV Line

  • CMOS Total Pixels: 510 x 492 pixels

  • View Angles: 62 degrees

  • Minimum Illumination: 1.5Lux / F1.5

  • Gain Control: Automatic

  • Transmission Power: 10mW

  • Consumption Current: 80mA

  • Modulation Mode: FM

  • Bandwidth: 18M

  • Operating Range: 30m/100m (Obstructed / Unobstructed)

  • Power: DC 8V or 9V Battery

  • Operating Temperature: -10oC ~ +40oC

  • Operating Humidity: 85%RH

  • Dimension: 120 x 100 x 23mm

  • Weight: 20g

4-CH Video Receiver

  • Frequency: ISM 2,400 - 2,483MHz

  • Antenna: Omni-directional antenna

  • Channel: 1-4 (Flip-type switch)

  • Intermediate Frequency: 480MHz

  • Frequency Stabilization: +/- 100KHz

  • Demodulation Mode: FM

  • Receiving Sensitivity: -85dBm

  • Video Output: 1Vp-p@75 ohm, S/N>38dB

  • Audio Output: 1Vp-p@600 ohm

  • Power: DC 9V

  • Operating Temperature: -10oC ~ +40oC

  • Operating Humidity: 85%RH

  • Dimension: 110 x 80 x 20mm

  • Weight: 130g

Parts Included...*Specifications, parts, design may can be modified without prior notice.

2.4GHz Wireless Video Transmitter Wall Clock Camera, 2.4GHz 4-CH Wireless Video Receiver, RCA A/V cable,  Omni Directional Antenna for Receiver, AC/DC Power adapter for Camera, AC/DC Power adapter for Receiver, Owner’s Manual

Radio Frequency Interferences...

As we all know publically, sharing radio frequencies that are considered part of the public band. We do not have entitlement and must accept interference if it exists.

Followings are home electronic devices that are most likely produce interferences and it would the best to prevent interferences if your wireless video device is installed at least 5 ~ 10ft away from them.

Example: Other 2.4GHz or 5.8GHz video transmitters in the area, 802.11b/g wireless data network, LAN or WAN, Cordless Phones, Data transceivers, wireless bar code readers, blue tooth devices, and Microwave ovens, etc.

*To download the step-by-step instruction manual, please request it via following email, support@EZspyCam.com along with your order ID# or Invoice#.

* Click the following link or paste it to you web browser to review Frequency Comparison Chart. http://www.EZspyCam.com/Download/Freq_Perform_Comparison.pdf

*Click the following link or paste to your web browser to review Samples of Installation Plan.
1-Year warranty will not cover if the equipment malfunctions that caused by improper installation.


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