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4-CH Multiplexer Wireless Surveillance System w/ Wireless 4 covert spy cams & USB receiver

4 tiny color wireless cameras transmit video to 1 USB receiver.
Video can then be recorded on your PC via motion activation, scheduled recording, or continuous.
Included remote viewing software allows for viewing all 4 cameras simultaneously remotely from any PC.

This unique product combines four 2.4GHz receivers with a quad processor all in one unit!
So you can view the images from multiple (4 maximum) 2.4GHz cameras on a single TV/PC simultaneously in
four way split screen mode. The unit also allows you to jump to full screen mode on any one channel or, alternatively,
you can have it switching automatically from camera to camera and into Quad screen at intervals set by you.


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4-CH Multiplexer Wireless Surveillance System w/  4 covert spy cams & USB Receiver


  • Wireless 4-Ch Multiplexer Receiver allows to view all 4 videos in Quad mode via one screen
  • Time and date display, Location setup, Camera name setup, Camera picture quality setup
  • Auto sequence display, Manual one n one display, 2 or 4-way split display
  • 4x Digital electronic zoom function, Motion activated, Time scheduled, or Continuous recording
  • Hi Resolution Covert Pinhole CCD Camera (420 LOR) in Tiny Metal Case

Hardware Specification

Camera Specifications:

  • Imaging Sensor: 1/4-inch CCD

  • Total Pixels: 512(h) X 492(V)

  • Horizontal Resolution: 420 TVL

  • View Angle: 60 Degree

  • Minimum Illumination: 1.0Lux / F1.2

  • Gain Control: Automatic

  • Frequency: ISM 2,400~2,4834MHz

  • Transmission Power: 2 mW

  • Modulation Mode: FM

  • Bandwidth: 18 MHz

  • Power Supply: +12V DC

  • Consumption Current: 120(Max) mA

  • Operating Humidity: 85% RH

  • Dimensions: 1 1/4 X 1 1/4 x 7/8"

  • Weight: 70g

  • Unobstructed Effective Range : 300ft

  • Channel Frequency: CH1=2414MHz;CH2=2432MHz;CH3=2450MHz;CH4=2468MHz

USB Receiver Specification:

  • System: NTSC

  • Receiving Frequency: CHl:2414MHz,CH2:2432MHz CH3:2450MHz,CH4:2468MHz

  • Power Supply: 12V 1.2A

  • Current Consumption: 700mA

  • Receiving Sensitivity: -88dBm

  • Antenna Input Impedance: 75 ohm

  • Video Output Level: lVp-p

  • Audio Output Level: lVp-p

  • Image Resolution : 720X76(PAL) 720X80(NTSC)

  • Image Refresh Rate: 60Hz/second(NTSC)50Hz/second (PAL)

  • Video Output Type Single picture, two picture, PIP, POP or four picture can be displayed and switched automatically

  • Ambient Temperature -30 ~ +60 degree

Minimum System Requirements of PC

  • Operation System: Window XP / Direct X 9x or up

  • CPU: Intel Pentium III (800 Mhz) or up / AMD Athlon or up

  • Memory: 512MB or above / HDD: more than 1GB

  • CD ROM Driver / Two USB Ports / Audio Driver

Parts Included...*Specifications, parts, design may can be modified without prior notice.

(4) Wireless Color Pinhole Lens Cameras, (4) AC Adaptors for Cameras, Remote View Software, 4-Channel Multiplexer USB Receiver & Power supply, A/V output line, English Manual, Remote controller, 2.4GHz antenna

Radio Frequency Interferences...

As we all know publically, sharing radio frequencies that are considered part of the public band. We do not have entitlement and must accept interference if it exists.

Followings are home electronic devices that are most likely produce interferences and it would the best to prevent interferences if your wireless video device is installed at least 5 ~ 10ft away from them.

Example: Other 2.4GHz or 5.8GHz video transmitters in the area, 802.11b/g wireless data network, LAN or WAN, Cordless Phones, Data transceivers, wireless bar code readers, blue tooth devices, and Microwave ovens, etc.

*To download the step-by-step instruction manual, please request it via following email, support@007SecurityCamera.com along with your order ID# or Invoice#.

* Click the following link or paste it to you web browser to review Frequency Comparison Chart. http://www.007SecurityCamera.com/Download/Freq_Perform_Comparison.pdf

*Click the following link or paste to your web browser to review Samples of Installation Plan.
1-Year warranty will not cover if the equipment malfunctions that caused by improper installation.


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