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4-CH Wireless Daynight Pan-Tilt Monitoring System

Never be unable to see how you infant is feeling again! This Pan/Tilt baby monitor allows you to view your baby from 3 angles or from 3 different rooms so you never have to worry about them while you are not in the room while they take a nap. This unit can also be used to monitor traffic of a room, who is going in the room, and at what time they entered it. If you have concerns that something is going on in your home that you do not approve of simply place this camera in the specified location: as in a teenagers bedroom, or a study room and up to three receivers to view what really goes on when you are not there. This unit can also be used as a security device to monitor areas and is much smaller and less noticeable than most large bulky security cameras. this is the 2008 model. The improvements are in the "wider area of the Pan/Tilt" and "Power Save Model". Also reception is more reliable even in busy offices and homes with several wireless devices.!



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2.4GHz 4-CH Wireless Daynight Pan-Tilt Monitoring System


  • Resolution: 480 x 240 pixels
  • Motion/voice detect and alarm available and sensitivity adjust
  • Bed-wetting sensor for detect and alarm
  • IR night vision
  • Built-in microphone for audio Battery in both camera and receiver for up to5 hours of continuous use
  • 4 channel frequencies to avoid interference between units
  • Portable...Take it anywhere


  • Up to 100m (330-feet) transmission range in open space
  • Transmission frequency: ISM 2,400 to 2483MHz
  • Transmission power: 10mW/CE and 2mW/FCC
  • Operating frequency: 2,414, 2,432, 2,450 and 2,468MHz
  • Unobstructed effective range: 100m (minimum)
  • Modulation mode: FM
  • Operating temperature: -10 to 50 and +14 to 122 degrees Celsius
  • Operating humidity: ≤85%
  • Camera imaging sensor type: CMOS
  • Total pixels: ( NTSC): 720 x 480 pixels (PAL): 720 x 576 Pixels
  • Minimum illumination: 0 Lux (IR on)
  • Night vision distance: 5m
  • View Angle: 62 degrees
  • Battery working time: 8 hours (IR off)
  • Motion alarm distance: 5m
  • Sound detection sensitivity: 65 5dB
  • Maximum current consumption: 230mW (IR on)
  • Maximum current consumption: 160mW (IR off)
  • Image resolution: 320 x 240 pixels at 10fps
  • Power supply: +9V DC
  • Dimensions: (W) 104 x (D) 110 x (H) 123mm
  • Weight (about): 267g o Receiver:
  • Screen type: 2.5-inch TFT LCD
  • Effective pixels: 640 x 240 pixels
  • Video system: NTSC/PAL
  • Color configuration: RGB
  • Li-battery charge time: 2 to 3 hours
  • Li-battery working time: 2 hours
  • Receiving sensitivity: ≤-85dBm
  • Maximum current consumption: 200mA
  • Power supply: +9V DC

Parts Included...*Specifications, parts, design may can be modified without prior notice.

  • 1 HS1000PT Camera with built in DVR
  • 1 Wireless Receiver
  • 1 Wireless Remote Control
  • 1 DC Outlet Plug
  • 1 Instruction Booklet

Radio Frequency Interferences...

As we all know publically, sharing radio frequencies that are considered part of the public band. We do not have entitlement and must accept interference if it exists.

Followings are home electronic devices that are most likely produce interferences and it would the best to prevent interferences if your wireless video device is installed at least 5 ~ 10ft away from them.

Example: Other 2.4GHz or 5.8GHz video transmitters in the area, 802.11b/g wireless data network, LAN or WAN, Cordless Phones, Data transceivers, wireless bar code readers, blue tooth devices, and Microwave ovens, etc.

Special Legal Note

Built-in audio device is not for use covert in covert surveillance applications.
Consult your state laws restricting audio monitoring.


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