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 Pro Trollable Complete Underwater B&W SeaView Video System Depth up to 300ft Vertically

Plug-n-Play Affordable & Portable Underwater Video System for Any Marine Job
Both Fresh & Saltwater Use / Depth up to 300ft Vertically
This video system actually transmits as well as receives Infrared light, for viewing power in all water conditions
--day or night. This camera is offshore rugged with a black and white camera and 150 feet of cable.
This infra-red camera technology has evolved to a new level, with true "Zero Lux" extended low-light performance.
Built-in "white" infra-red delivers the best picture in any conditions.
The durable probe housing makes it ideal for trolling, fishing, diving, and underwater maintenance inspections.


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Pro Trollable B&W Complete Underwater SeaView Video System


Monitor Type

5.0" B&W Monitor w/ FM, AM, TV Tuner

Camera IR LED

950NM Invisible 6 Large

Sun Hood Included


Lines of Resolution

420 TVL

Carry Case Included


Signal Type


Camera Image


Estimated Weight

22 LBS

Cable Jacket

Chrome PVC

“Trollable” Offshore


Cable Length

50, 100, or 300ft



Light Source

Invisible Infrared LED







Camera Dimension


Maximum Depth


Monitor Connector

RCA Video Input (1), RCA Audio Input (1), Antenna Jack(1), Φ3.5mm Earphone Output Jack(1)

Power Source

12 Volt

CdS Sensor

CdS Sensor to Turn On-Off IR LEDs at about 10.0 LUX

Bulletproof Camera Housing

Camera housing made of Bulletproof heavy duty material & No need to have additional weight to drop down the camera head to deep water

Parts Included:

* B&W IR Camera Probe and 150ft Cable
* 5 inch Black and White Monitor
* Monitor Sun Hood
* Pole Attachment Kit
* Y Connector
* 110 AC Adapter
* 12v Cigarette Lighter Adapter
* Rugged Carrying Case


*General Uses: Check your anchor set or running gear, explore wrecks and recover lost valuable objects that have fallen overboard, inspect and monitor your pool for safety while children are swimming.

*Recreational Boating Fun: Exploring the underwater world with the family is hours upon hours of fun! Explore marine life without having to even get in the water. Its fun for all ages and you never know what you might see.

*Fishing: See what you’ve been missing and save time while fishing to see if there are really fish down there. You can identify the different species of fish, and understand the bottom structure while verifying if your other marine electronics are being accurate. Troll and capture the magic of the strike or record the big one that got away. Check your crab traps, lobster traps, use for ice fishing, sport fishing, flats fishing and lakes fishing.

* Search and Rescue: Underwater video cameras are valuable tool in search and rescue missions and are ideal for police, fireman, cost guard, rescue workers and even insurance investigators. (The Offshore models are best for this application)

*Treasure Hunting: If you're a treasure hunter, the underwater video camera can help you explore the wreck site before the divers gear up to go over board. There are still many undiscovered historic relics so use the cameras to find the priceless treasures. (The Offshore models are best for this application)

*Marine Research: Aquatic life is best researched in their natural environment. Monitor behavioral and social interaction without disturbing the situation with a diver. Whether you're researching migration, patterns, plant life, geographical features, feeding or any other habits, this is the best tool for you.

*Scuba Diving: Now why on earth would you need an underwater video camera if you are a diver? Various uses include: viewing a dive site before gearing up for a dive, dive training safety, to show others on the boat what you are seeing and document damage to a water craft. (The Super mini models are best for this application)

Commercial Fishing/Charter Boats: The captain of the boat can use the camera for most applications above but the charter boat captain can help attract customers and also allow the customer to record the fishing adventure to watch for many years to come.

*Swimming Training: An underwater video camera can monitor a swimmers strokes and the playback shows the swimmer exactly what he/she needs to do to improve. Record swim meets for playback later. (The Super mini models are best for this application)

*Pipe and Well Inspections: Inspections of a pipe or well become much easier with an underwater video camera. Show the customer the current condition but also use the underwater video camera to help view any repairs or maintenance that may be needed. (The Super mini models are best for this application)

*Marine Salvage: Handle various assets that have been associated with a casualty and properly record the evidence to a recording device. The casualties can be related to water, fire, theft or some form of collision. The underwater video camera is a valuable tool for marine salvage and you can also record a tow.

*Commercial/Industrial: Use the underwater cameras for different inspections including: piling, bridge, dam, plumbing, pipe, cable, bottom surveys, ship surveys, tanks and monitor other potentially dangerous/hostile environments.


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