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 2.4GHz Indoor 4-CH A/V Receiver - Great Penetration Power & Outperforms 900MHz

Ideal for short to medium range transmission when running cable is not possible, economical or convenient. Choose one of four fixed frequencies for applications ranging from surveillance to remote monitoring.


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General Specification

Item# ERX-003
Description 2.4 GHz 4-Ch Desktop A/V Receiver
Operating Frequency: 2.4108 - 2.4728 GHz
User Selectable Channels: 4 User Selectable Channels
Video Format: NTSC or *PAL (Optional)
Antenna Type: 3dB Fixed Directional Patch
Antenna Connector: None
Operating Distance: Up to 800ft
Video Connector Format: RCA - Female
Video Impedance & Level: 75 Ohms @ 1 Volt Peak to Peak
Audio Connector Format: RCA - Female
Audio Impedance & Level: 600 Ohms @ 1 Volt Peak to Peak
Temperature Range: -22 F to +150 F
Weather Proof: No
Operating Voltage: 12 - 14V DC, Polarity Protected
Power Supply: PS-1250 (Included)
Current Consumption: 350mA @ 12 Volts DC
Dimensions: 4.5" x 7.25" x 2.0"
Weight: 350g or 12.3oz
FCC/IC Approved: Yes
Weight 12.8oz or 363g
Includes: click to enlarge...2.4GHz Rubber Duck Knuckle Antenna, 12V-500mA AC/DC Power Adaptor, Printed Owner’s Manual.
*To download the latest instruction manual, firmware, or software, please request it via following email, support@EZspyCam.com along w/your order ID# or Invoice#.
* Click the following link or paste it to you web browser to review Frequency Comparison Chart.

*Click the following link or paste to your web browser to review Samples of Installation Plan.
1-Year warranty will not cover if the equipment malfunctions that caused by improper installation.


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