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Invisible-to-Human Eye Infrared Night Vision Illuminator

Totally invisible & undetected to intruders in the dark
Indoor & Outdoor Use
Home security, Business surveillance, Home alone Pet watch, School Security, Child Monitoring, Police Raid
Cash counter surveillance, Baby Watch, Office Surveillance, Infants safety, Property security, Animal Watch
Ground Troop Raid, Wild Animal video, Zoo keeping, Bird net watch, Garden watch, Natural Life observation
Backyard Watch, Outdoor security, Hidden surveillance, Spy video, Live video, Video surveillance, Nanny Cam

No Red Glow on the tip of LED, not as others do & Completely Stealthed in the darkness


click to enlarge...click to enlarge... Invisible Night View IR illuminator w/ 950nm 56 LED -  YIL-104DS - SSC-IR104-940nmclick to enlarge... Invisible Night View IR illuminator w/ 950nm 56 LED -  YIL-56DS - SSC-IR56-940nmclick to enlarge...


" Revised "


Invisible Infrared Night Vision Illuminator


ENC-902 ENC-905 ENC-901

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LED Number

24-LED 56-LED  104-LED

Viewing Angle

30 or 8 30 30

Wave Length

950NM(Invisible) 950NM(Invisible) 950NM(Invisible)

LED Beam Distance

20 ~ 30ft 40 ~ 60ft 70 ~ 90ft

Power Input & Consumption

DC 12V/200mA (1.1W) DC 12V/350mA (2.6W) DC 12V/550mA (5W)


220gr(7.76oz) 250gr(8.82oz) 350gr(12.4oz)


Φ50mm x L65mm (Φ1.97xL2.56) Φ69mm x L44mm (Φ2.72xL1.73) Φ94mm x L44mm (Φ3.70xL1.73)

Click the photos to view real video clips

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Viewed w/ ECC-420 Viewed w/ EBC-100 Viewed w/ EBC-100

Special Functions

Built-in +12V regulator circuits for over 2-year life span of LEDs

Built-in CdS Sensor to Turn On-Off IR LEDs at about 10.0 LUX

Required Camera Specification

Your camera must feature or capable to turn it on manually if available any one of the required specification among Daynight function, AGC (Auto Gain Control), ALG (Auto Level Control), Auto Change of Color Video to B&W at Night, or Absorptive type IR-cut filters must be removed automatically or manually at night in order to view the IR light properly. Additionally it is strongly recommended the LUX level of your camera offers at least 0.01 LUX or lower in order to view the IR light up to the maximum distance as it offered; otherwise the IR light wont be viewed correctly.

Auto Iris Lens

Should be set to ALC (Auto Level Control) for the correct IR vision

Special Note

Hardware specification is subject to change without prior notice


0C ~ 40C (32F ~ 104F) ; Humidity - 10%RH ~ 80%RH

Pars Included

Complete Mounting Bracket Set, 2-way Power Splitter, AC/DC 12V Power Supply, Quick Starter


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