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DVR EvidenCam w/ Realtime view & playback thru 2.5" TFT Color Flip Down Screen

In times like these, you canít afford any waste of valuable resources, such as the improper use of a vehicle.
Remember that old saying about an ounce of prevention being worth a pound of cure?
Here's some help for your car or truck worries, a way to keep an eye on
your young driver or on your employees. Or you can use it to scare the crap out of the valet guys.

The flip down screen will not only help you find the ideal recording angle, showing you exactly
what the camera is seeing live, but you can play back the footage you have recorded on the spot.

perfect for showing to an officer after an accident, or the valet's boss. The device records in high
resolution 1280 x 720p using H.264 video format to ensure that every detail is recorded with crystal clarity.

Vehicle Black Box - Have recorded on the spot and Secure your evidence!



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Car Dashboard Mobile DVR EvidenCam


  • Live video recording & Real-time viewed or layback thru 2.5" TFT Color Flip Down Screen

  • Time & Date stamp / Stores video on SD card supports up to 64GB

  • Built-in Li-Lon Rechargeable battery continuously charged via Car charging adapter

  • H.264 Recording Format & Adjustable resolutions in 1280 x 720 - 640 x 480 pixels @ 30fps

  • Motion activation Video &Audio recording / HDMI output for direct connection to your monitor


  • Image sensor: 1/4 color CMOS WXGA HD Sensor

  • Lens: 120 degree

  • Support SD card storage supports up to 64GB

  • Support Real Time & Date display on video

  • Recording Automatically After the Power Up

  • High speed recording and quick light respond

  • Repeat storage by section

  • Cycled recording

  • Power input: DC5V

  • Built-in rechargeable battery w/ Car Charger

  • Interface: HDMI & USB2.0

  • Microphone built-in

  • Power supply: Built in Rechargeable Li-Ion Battery

  • Resolution: Adjustable - 1280x720/640x480

Parts included

DVR EvidenCam Unit, Mount, Car Cigarette Lighter Charger, USB Cable, Instruction booklet


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