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All-in-One Endoscope Video Inspection Gear w/ Detachable Wireless Monitor & Nightvision LED

Fits into holes as small as 1 inch diameter allowing you to look behind walls, down 
into drains, vents, inside engines, or hundreds of places without costly demolition or disassembly!

This third generation of Micro Inspection Camera added the wireless feature.
Wireless allow detached monitor to view camera, image rotation on monitor allow adjust of viewing orientation.
This new arrival of micro inspection camera set with built-in wireless receiver, and
rechargeable Li-battery LCD monitor, allow viewing camera remotely on high visibility LCD monitor.

The camera head is equipped with fully adjustable twin LED lighting for night vision and day time usage,
water resistant camera head allow viewing of maximum 10' under water (when assembly properly).

A flexible 3 cable helps to extend your vision to the point of discovery and
comes with accessory hook, magnet and mini mirror to control over your video inspection more precise.

 Rugged and water resistant flexible cable maintains its fixed position until readjusted


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All-in-One Endoscope Video Inspection Gear w/ Wireless Monitor & Nightvision LED

  • Powerful and fully adjustable twin LED lighting to view in the total darkness

  • The high resolution lens provides a clear image of objects as close as 3/4 inch and over one foot away while providing a wide 40 degree field of view

  • Rugged and water resistant, made of high impact ABS and flexible cable maintains its fixed position until readjusted.

  • Integrated focus ring for smooth, continuous focusing & ergonomically designed, non-slip handle fits comfortably in one hand

  • Wireless version allow 2.4" color LCD monitor connect or detach from the grip for better viewing and powered by built-in rechargeable Li-battery


Camera Specifications:

  • Image Sensor: CMOS

  • Total Pixels: 704576 (PAL); 712486(NTSC)

  • Horizontal View Angle: 50 degree

  • Transmission Frequency: 2468MHz

  • Minimum Illumination: 0 Lux

  • Modulation Type: FM

  • Bandwidth: 25MHz

  • Power Supply: 4 x AA

  • Dimension of Gun Portion: H186 x D145 x W41mm

  • Dimensions of Cam Head: L55mm (Cam Head + Cable Connector - Rigid Portion) x 17mm

  • Weight: Apprx. 530g

Monitor Specification:

  • LCD Screen Type: 2.36″TFT-LCD

  • Effective Pixels: 480 x 240

  • Video System: PAL/NTSC

  • Transmission Frequency: 2468MHz

  • Consumption Current (Max): 450mA

  • Video Output Level: 0.9-1.3VP-P@75ohm

  • Dimensions (W x D x H): 100 x 70x 30(mm)

  • Weight: Apprx. 140g

  • Operating Temperature: -10C to +50 C/+14F to +122F

  • Operating Humidity (Max.): 15 to 85%RH

Parts Included...*Specifications, parts, design may can be modified without prior notice.

17mm Camera on 3ft flex-tube, Hand-held 2.4" LCD monitor w/ built-in wireless receiver and Li-rechargeable battery, AC/DC adapter charge for monitor, Hook, Magnet, and Mirror accessory, English Instruction


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