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Extended Battery Pack in Waterproof Crush-proof Magnet Housing w/ Motion Sensor

Motion Sensor built-in Hibernating Battery pack in Waterproof & Crush-proof Pelican Magnetic case for 
supporting the World GPRS Tracker to last up to 90 days & to protect the device from harshest environments

A Must-have Companion of World GPRS Tracker for Long Unattended GPS Tracking


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EGT-001-C60 (60-Day Use) / EGT-001-C90 (90-Day Use)   *Pre-order required... 


Extended Battery Pack for World GPRS Tracker (#EGT-001)

Combined our popular World GRPS Tracker Devices with a rugged new weatherproof magnetic enclosure. This new battery pack can provide up to 90 days of unattended use by utilizing dual layers of state-of-the-art Lithium Ion Batteries and a motion sensor, which puts the tracker into hibernation after 5 minutes of inactivity.

One of the most convenient and cost-effective features of the new hibernating case is that it can be left unattended for months and the battery pack virtually eliminates the need for human monitoring.

A mere 5.43 inches long, World GRPS Tracker’s new battery pack is about half the size of its conventional counterparts when housed in its waterproof and crush-proof Pelican case. 

* Only designed to connect with our
World GPRS Tracker (#EGT-001) and we are not responsible for any damage may incurred by using other brand GPS devices.


  • Smallest size of any Live GPS Tracker case - 5.43" x 4.06" x 2.12"  (13.8 x 10.3 x 5.4 cm).

  • Longest lasting tracker available, up to 90 days of unattended use

  • Crush-proof, Waterproof, Dirt-proof, 50lb Magnetic Power Mount

  • Motion Detector Board with Switch Capability

  • AC/DC Charger Included, 3.7-volt 1.5amp

Battery Power Specification

7.8-amp/Hr – 7 days (Constant Power) / 60 days (Motion Detection Mode) - 6 ~ 8hr Recharging Time
15.6-amp/Hr – 14 days (Constant Power) / 90 days (Motion Detection Mode)
- 10 ~ 12hr Recharging Time

All times are approximate and will vary on ambient temperature and number of times the battery is charged. Above results are calculated based on average one hour driving per day and report updating 1 ping per 5min.

Parts Included

Battery Pack, Shrink-wrapped Motion Sensor, AC/DC Power Charger

*To download the manual, driver, or file managing software, please request it via following email, support@007SecurityCamera.com along with your order ID# or Invoice#.


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