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Google Earth Plug-in

 This is a free “Plug-in” component, which allows Global Navigator and Marine ENC users to interact with the Google Earth software (http://earth.google.com) in a new and powerful way.



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Experimental Features

Experimental features may or may not appear in future product releases and ongoing support for experimental features cannot be guaranteed.

  • Display the Google Earth Map on a split screen within Fugawi
    • Synchronize your Fugawi map area with the Google Earth map
    • Display the Fugawi GPS position on the Google Earth map
    • Show / hide Fugawi maps on Google Earth panel and adjust layer transparency
  • Transfer maps to/from Google Earth
    • Export Fugawi (non-locked) maps to Google Earth Panel (map is “rasterized”)
    • Import Google Earth maps to Fugawi Panel (map is “rasterized”)
  • Transfer Fugawi Routes, Waypoints and Tracks to Google Earth
  • Import and Export Google Earth KML files (waypoint, route and track/path data)

1. Click the following link or paste it to you web browser to download the free Google Earth software version 4 or later and install it on your PC.

* Click the following link or paste it to your web browser to download the the Google Earth Plug-In and install it on your PC.


The Google Earth Plug-in is provided as an optional experimental feature, free of charge to all those licensed to use Global Navigator or Marine ENC Ver. 4.5.x.

Because the Google Earth Plug-in relies on third party software (Google Earth), Northport Systems makes no warranty on the fitness for purpose of the Google Earth Plug-in, cannot guarantee ongoing support of this free Plug-in and cannot provide technical support on the Google Earth software product.

Customers are advised that by downloading and installing the free Google Earth Plug-in, they are accepting and will abide by the license agreement of Google Earth as well as the license agreement and map copyright agreements of any and all third party maps and data, which are accessed from within Fugawi software.


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