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GPS Marine Mapping Software - Turn Laptop and Desktop PC into Professional GPS Navigator

The ideal PC software tool for route planning, GPS programming, and real-time GPS navigation on land and in the air. Navigate in real time with compatible GPS receiver using the widest variety of digital maps, such as NAVIONICS NOAA ENC & RNC™, Fish'N'Chip and HotMaps® nautical charts, International S-57 format charts, BSB charts, topographic maps, included USA Data Maps, or with your own scanned paper maps. Upload planned routes, waypoints and tracks into your GPS receiver for use in the field and download from your GPS for analysis.




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General Specification

Model# EGM-002 (Ver. 4.5) - Marine ENC

New Features:

  • Enhanced Chart Plotter Support
    Enjoy easy and accurate route planning with Fugawi Marine ENC then upload your route to a Compact Flash or Secure Digital card for transfer to a chart plotter on board your boat. Supports memory card data transfer for leading plotters from Raymarine, Northstar, Humminbird and Lowrance. Of course routes can be transferred to many more plotters and handheld GPS using a cabled connection. See our GPS/Plotter compatibility table for more details.
  • Enhanced AIS Presentation
    Enhanced AIS dashboard for easy control of AIS display
  • Google Earth Maps
    Support for optional (and free) Google Earth Plug-in.
  • GPS Auto Detection
    Fugawi will now auto detect a wide variety of GPS models when connected to the Serial or USB port.
  • Locked FX4 Maps
    Support added for raster FX4 maps locked with FX4 Locker.
  • View Garmin Topographic Maps Garmin IMG format topo maps are now supported (not Bluecharts). A wide variety of freely available third party topo maps can be downloaded from here. Overlay Garmin IMG maps on any other Fugawi supported raster or vector map such as a BSB chart, satellite image or air photo.
  • Upload Garmin Maps
    Unlocked Garmin IMG maps may be uploaded to a Garmin mapping GPS receiver.
  • Vista
    Support for Microsoft® Vista® operating system

The USA Bonus Data Pack includes:

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  • All NOAA RNC™ - Raster charts of US coastal waters (BSB format - complete coverage)
  • All NOAA ENC® - S-57 vector charts of US coastal waters
  • All Army Corps iENC - S-57 charts of US inland waterways
  • Coastal water bathymetric data of the USA (for 3D charts)
  • Elevation data of the USA (for 3D land maps)
  • Street Overlay™ of the USA
  • MPC Boaters Directory of the USA
  • Place Names of the USA
  • World Background Map (1:1,000,000 scale)
  • A Navionics Multi Card Reader

Real-time Navigation w/ Your Laptop or Desktop PC:

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  • Connect your PC or laptop to GPS receiver to view your position on a detailed chart, map, or air photo. See speed, position, direction, ETA, and more.

Plan and Transfer Routes:

  • Create routes directly on a nautical chart, street map or topographic map and transfer named waypoints, routes, and tracks between your PC and your handheld GPS. Transfer routes tracks and waypoints directly to Google Earth, a GPX file.

View Maps in 3D:

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  • View your favorite chart or map in stunning 3D*. ‘Fly’ across the 3D landscape using your mouse, keyboard, or joystick, or view your GPS position in real-time on the 3D chart. A great tool for finding the perfect hiking route.


Overlay Streets and Place Names:

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  • Street Overlay™ enhances your marine chart or land map by drawing named streets** directly on top. Millions of included place names can also be added to the map.

Weather Overlay:

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  • Marine ENC supports free or commercially available GRIB file weather data. Pressure and surface wind forecasts are available for the entire world, free of charge. The data source is NOAA.

AIS Support:

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  • Plot AIS equipped vessel positions directly on your chart (requires third party AIS receiver, such as SafePassage AIS, Comar, SiTex, or the CLASS A (Solas) transponder from ACR Electronics).

Map Formats

  • BSB Version 1 through 5 raster nautical charts (NOAA RNC™, MAPTECH™, NDI DigitalOcean™, Fugawi, GPS GmbH)
  • Garmin IMG format maps (not Bluechart)
  • Softchart charts (NOS/GEO)
  • World maps and charts from the Fugawi collection (Fugawi Map of America, Fugawi Canada Maps, Fugawi World Maps) in FX3 or FX4 format
  • Locked FX4 Maps (raster FX4 maps locked with FX4 Locker)
  • Fugawi Street Overlay™ and other Fugawi vector maps
  • USGS DRG Topographic Maps and aerial photos
  • ECW (including official Australian topo maps)
  • SoftMap topo maps Ver. 1-4 (No support for SoftMap Ver. 5, SoftMap not supported in Microsoft Vista)
  • eTopo
  • TRAK Maps
  • GeoGrid®
  • Geotiff
  • Chart Tiff maps and charts
  • ADRG (Military version only)
  • CADRG (Military version only)
  • CIB (Military version only)
  • Swedish Government digital maps (optional extra upgrade)
  • Swiss Map 50 and Swiss Map 25 (Version 3)
  • Calibrate any scanned map or raster map file in bmp, gif, jpg, png, pcx, or tif format (must know the map datum and coordinates for three points on the map or have a prepared JPR file)

Elevation Data

  • Fugawi Elevation Files (FEL)
  • Shuttle Radar Topography (SRTM)
  • BIL
  • DTED
  • SDTS
  • Australian GRD 9 Second


  • Microsoft® Windows® Vista or XP
  • 500 MHz processor or better
  • 256 MB RAM
  • 250 MB free on HD
  • CD Drive
  • DVD drive for Bonus Data Pack
  • 256 color display or better (graphics accelerator recommended for 3D viewing)
  • Mouse or other pointing device
  • Serial port for GPS receiver (will also work with PCMCIA serial port emulation or USB with serial adapter).
  • Software package does not contain GPS, cable, or handheld computer

GPS Receiver

  • GPS receiver with NMEA 0183 output
  • Serial port or PCMCIA emulation for GPS input or serial to USB adapter
  • Supports waypoint, route, and track transfer with most Garmin®, Magellan®, Lowrance®, Silva/Brunton, Furuno, Raymarine, and other models. (Refer to the GPS Compatibility table)
  • Supports route transfer with the Suunto X9 and X9i GPS wristwatches.
  • Supports real-time navigation with above models plus any GPS with NMEA V2.1 or greater output (requires suitable serial or USB cable).
  • Note: Fugawi Global Navigator can be used without GPS to plot and export positions to a text file, view maps and charts, and much more.


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