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Black Stealth Spy Pen Digital Voice Recorder w/ Plug-in Remote Controller

This NEW Digital Voice Recorder looks like a pen and writes like one too, but it becomes a stealthy
audio recorder once you push down the pocket clip to start recording and push it up stop recording.

No more small buttons or Annoying light, No outside markings indicating the functions of your device!

It's the perfect gift for anyone who can use a pen.
For PI, investigators, doctors, nurses, students, sales staffs, managers, and anyone on the moving job
Record Conversations, Business Meetings, Interviews, Taking Direction, and Lectures, etc…

Easy file transfer & Fast battery recharging via USB connection / Writes exactly as a regular ballpoint pen

Don't get confused w/ Cheaper old version that selling on e-Bay that does not support USB File Transfer to PC

Unique Present Ideas for Men, Investigators, Lawyers, Writers, Teachers, Fathers
 Cool Electronic Gadget Gift for Him & Her, Back-to-School Students, Language Learners

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Black Stealth Spy Pen Digital Voice Recorder


  • This Product pushes the limit by introducing a new look and style for the classic voice recorder. The NEW Digital Pen and Voice Recorder has a sleek look and it's easy to use.
  • Say good bye to loud noises, confusing buttons or distracting lights while you are trying to take important "notes" This device looks like a pen and writes like one too because it is a real pen! But push the pocket clip up or down to stop and start recording.
  • The lightness of this "pen" makes it much thinner than most others in the market and it has a higher quality of audio recording.
  • This is indeed an indispensable tool for any spy!
  • For true stealth Voice Recording, you need a device that is undetectable. This stealth Pen has no markings on the outside that would indicate it is anything other than a Pen.
  • This stealth Pen is a fully functional Ball Point Pen. Record your notes as you are taking them during a meeting or class. Then review your notes while listening to the recording for any details you may have missed.
  • Push the pocket clip down to start recording. Push it up to stop recording. It’s that simple!
  • The Pen Recorder recharges in 4 hours simply by plugging in the included USB recharging cable. A single charge powers unit for 12 hours of recording.
  • Either listen from the included earphone with the wire remote control, or re-record files to a cassette recorder or other media using the supplied re-record cable.


  • 128MB Built-in Flash Memory (Forever rewritable after deleting files when full)
  • XHQ 4.5hrs, HQ 9hrs, LP 18hrs Recording Time
  • Automatic Sensitivity Control For Near/Far Recording
  • Built-in Rechargeable Battery
  • 3hr one time full charge can record up to 12 hrs & playback up to 8 hrs
  • Real-time playback & edit recorded files w/ Convenient micro remote control unit
  • Automatic File Introduction And Various Search Modes
  • USB Connection Cord For Fast Battery Recharging
  • Easy & Fast file transfer to PC via USB connection
  • Verification of Battery Remainder in 3 Levels
  • Earphone – 10mW / 32ohm
  • Dimension & Weight – 11.4mm x 133.5mm (0.45” x 5.25”) & 18g (0.64oz)  

Parts Included

  • Pen Recorder
  • Plug-in Wired Remote Controller
  • USB File Transfer & Battery Charging Cable
  • Earphone Set 
  • Two Extra Ballpoint Pen Refills
  • Voice manager Software & Full English Manual on CD
  • Easy To Follow Quick Starter Guide
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