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The Worlds Smallest & High-Tech Covert Button Video System

The covert button video camera with interchangeable buttons for different appearance with different apparel
The size of this DVR in particular is 2.6 inches X 2.4 inches and weighs less than 50 grams. For pocket sized and
convenient video recording devices one can understand why this is the first choice of professional private investigators.
If you also need a large image, I.E: TV or full screen PC viewing, DON'T buy another pocket DVR before you read
the entire description.
Most DVR's in the market can record video at 320X480 @15 FPS, one other model can do as 
much as 640X480 @ 15 to 18 FPS. Some claim that you can upgrade the firmware and get better resolution...
(that's simply not possible as resolution can not increase without degradation of the image, it's like blowing a balloon
with writing on it, sure you can make it bigger but past some point the image will degrade)
640 pixels horizontal by 480 pixels vertical, which is perfect as these just happen to by your PC's VGA standards

Easier than ever making Live Video Evidence & Unique High-tech Gadget Gift for Him


Covert Button Video Surveillance                     click to enlarge... ECC-910 - Smallest Covert Button Camera Video System

 click to enlarge... ECC-910 - Smallest Covert Button Camera Video System                 click to enlarge...







The worlds smallest high-tech covert button video system


  • 2.6x2.2x0.4=2.28 inch Color LCD TFT display

  • 640 x 480, 322 x 240, 220 x 120 @ 30FPS

  • Supports up to a 4GB mini SD card (Not included)

  • Time/Date Watermark

  • Recording Times:
    1GB card, High resolution 200 minutes, Low resolution 666 minutes
    2GB card, High resolution 400 minutes, Low resolution 22 hours
    4GB card, High resolution 14 hours, Low resolution 45 hours

  • 420 Color CMOS button camera

  • Recording format ABI, ASF, MOV

  • 45MB built in memory

  • 45g - World's lightest

Parts Included

  • 2.28 inch Black Box DVR

  • Long lasting Li-Ion batteryclick to enlarge...

  • USB Cable

  • AC/DC Wall Charger

  • Av IN/OUT Cable

  • Button camera

  • Interchangeable buttons

  • Impact Resistant Silver Aluminum Case

  • Instruction Manual


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