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 Via-Power-Line Add-On Video Transmitter & Receiver System

Turn your own Camera or Camcorder into into Wireless Video Surveillance System
No wiring! No Drilling! Plug-in-Play!

The Via-Power-Line Video Transmitter and Receiver System is perfect if you want to watch videos from
your own video camera 'real-time'. Our patented circuitry transmits the video signal using the power lines in
your home or office. Just plug your video camera into the Via-Power-Line Video Transmitter box and plug in
the receiver and connect it to your television or VCR. That is all there is to it. You get quick and easy live video
surveillance. No cables to run, no radio broadcast signals that can be intercepted. The Via-Power-Line Video
Transmitter accepts B&W or Color inputs from almost any video camera. You can even use your camcorder camera.
The Via-Power-Line Video Receiver receives the signal from the power line and inputs it into your TV or VCR.

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 Simply plug Video Transmitter to regular AC outlet
& connect your own camera to transmit video
Plug Video Receiver to regular AC outlet where your
TV or VCR located & connect the cable to receive video

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Via-Power-Line Add-On Video Transmitter & Receiving Decoder Set


Transmission Range

Max. approximately 300ft


Single phase 120VAC, 120VAC, 60Hz; Camera/Transmitter 6w; receiver 5w


Defends on your Camera & TV or Recording system

Video Sample

click to play...Click the left image to play the video clip sample which taken with EVC-120 (540TVL Color) and transmitted through Via-Power-Line video transmitter & receiver.

Also click the following link or paste it to your web browser to re view all available video sample clips. http://www.EZspyCam.com/R-img-daynightvision.htm

Transmitter Input Signal

NTSC composite baseband, 1v P-P, 75 ohms (Both Color and B&W)
Special note: "Color video transmission may not work on some power wiring structures"

Receiver Output Signal

NTSC composite baseband, 1v P-P, 75 ohms, RCA connector (Both Color and B&W)
Special note: "Color video transmission may not work on some power wiring structures"

Transmission System

Patented power line carrier

Special Note

The patented IRFS technology works best when connected directly into wall outlet. Avoid surge protectors or power strips. 



0 to +55 C

Case Material

ABS, UL 94 rated

Outdoor Use

For outdoor application, make sure the BNC (RCA) video connector of the transmitter to facing downward and it is the best if all connections are wrapped around with the electric tape.
The receiver shouldn't be used outdoor and indoor use only...

Dimensions - Can be manufactured with any international plug configuration (OEM and distributors only)


Standard lamp housing, Edison Screw Base only, weight 12 oz.

Receiver (inch)

2.5 x 3.75 x 2, wall plug mount, weight 13 oz.



Add-On Video Transmitter & Receiving Decoder Set, Cable Set, & Manual


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