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 Via-Power-Line Add-On Video Receiving Decoder

No wiring! No Drilling!
When combined with our Via-Power-Line Covert Bulb cameras, this add on decoder allows
the video signal to be viewed on multiple TVs throughout a home. Plug the add-on
decoders into any wall outlet on the electrical panel then connect it to any TV or VCR into video in.


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Via-Power-Line Add-On Video Receiving Decoder

Performance - Maximum transmission distance is approximately 300 feet


Single phase 120VAC, 60Hz 5W


Defends on your TV or Recording system

Transmitter Input Signal

NTSC composite baseband, 1v P-P, 75 ohms

Receiver Output Signal

NTSC composite baseband, 1v P-P, 75 ohms, RCA connector

Transmission System

Patented power line carrier



0 to +55 C

Case Material

ABS, UL 94 rated

Special Note

The receiver shouldn't be used outdoor and indoor use only...

Dimensions - Can be manufactured with any international plug configuration (OEM and distributors only)


Standard lamp housing, Edison Screw Base only, weight 12 oz.

Receiver (inch)

2.5 x 3.75 x 2, wall plug mount, weight 13 oz.



Add-On Video Receiving Decoder, Cable Set, & Manual


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