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 Via-Power-Line Daynight Waterproof Covert Light Bulb Camera for Outdoor Application

No wiring! No Drilling! its the easiest surveillance system anywhere
It designed not to light up as regular light bulb for the covert purpose,
But it still sees in the total darkness supporting by built-in invisible IR LEDs

No configuration, no hassles, and no ugly wires to hide!
The crystal-clear video images travel through the existing
electric wires in the walls to the TV so you can watch from anywhere you want. 


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ECC-903A (Indoor & Outdoor Use) / ECC-903B (Indoor Design - Discontinued)


Via-Power-Line Weatherproof & Day Night Covert Light Bulb Video Camera & Receiver Set 


Installs into any Light Fixture instantly
Transmits Video to any TV via regular Power Line
Designed not to light up as a regular light bulb for the covert purpose
Monitors in Total Darkness supporting by built-in Invisible Infrared LEDs
Portable...Take it anywhere

How It Works

Inside the bulb is a sophisticated low-light monochrome camera. Our patented technology instantly transmits the crystal clear video signals over the existing electric wires in your walls.
Installation is easy:
1. Screw in the Via-Power-Line Covert Bulb Camera into any light fixture.
2. Plug in the decoder into a standard electrical outlet.
3. Connect the RCA cable to any TV or recording device.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Far Can The Video Signal Go? In typical homes or small businesses, our system will transmit up to 300 feet.
How does this compare to RF wireless products? Our Power Line technology products offer superior signal strength and reliability compared to RF wireless. There's no loss of signal in concrete block homes or around corners, and no interference problems when other RF products are in use.
How Much Area Can I View? Via-Power-Line Covert Bulb Camera has an 85-degree wide angle view, and a focal range of 2 feet to infinity.
Can I Record? Yes - connect the decoder into any recording device through the Video Input, and record instantly.

FCC Statement

Camera - This carrier current device has been tested for compliance w/ FCC Regulation (Section 15, Part C).
Receiver - This receiver complies w/ FCC Regulation regarding the acceptance of harmful interference.

Performance - Maximum transmission distance is approximately 300 feet


Single phase 120VAC, 60Hz - Camera/Transmitter 6w; receiver 5w


CCD with digital signal processor, monochrome, Zero LUX with Infrared enhanced night vision, Field view: 85 wide angle, Focal distance: 5 feet-infinity


Defends on your TV or Recording system

Daylight Video Sample

click to play...Click the left image to play the video clip sample that taken in the living room on first floor and recorded on second floor.

Nightvision Video Sample

click to play...Click the left image to play the video clip sample that taken in the living room on first floor and recorded on second floor.

Transmitter Input Signal

NTSC composite baseband, 1v P-P, 75 ohms

Receiver Output Signal

NTSC composite baseband, 1v P-P, 75 ohms, RCA connector

Transmission System

Patented power line carrier

Infrared Light

6 Large Invisible 950NM IR LEDs (Life span - Appx. 20,000hrs)

CdS Sensor

Makes LEDs turn on-off at about 10 LUX automatically



0 to +55 C

Case Material

ABS, UL 94 rated

Special Note

The receiver shouldn't be used outdoor and indoor use only...

Dimensions - Can be manufactured with any international plug configuration (OEM and distributors only)


Standard lamp housing, Edison Screw Base only, weight 12 oz.

Receiver (inch)

2.5 x 3.75 x 2, wall plug mount, weight 13 oz.



Covert Flood Light Bulb Camera, Video Receiving Decoder, & Manual


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