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5.8GHz 18dB Super High Gain All-Weather Directional Antenna

Designed to connect to your 5.725 ~ 5.875 GHz wireless device, this series of specialty antennas allows
you to match the antenna to your specific application needs. Manufactured from the highest quality materials
to ensure superior electrical performance, mechanical durability and longevity. Meet your application
demands by choosing an antenna to improve and increase your signal strength and transmission range.

95% Interference Free from Home or Office Radio Frequency Appliances vs. 2.4GHz



5.8ghz wireless outdoor antennalow loss 5.8ghz SMA antenna cableAll weather 5.8Ghz long range wireless video audio antenna



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General Specification

Item# EAT-003  --- Stock to built in house & ships out within 2-5 working days ---
Description All-weather 5.8GHz 18dB Directional Antenna
Operating Frequency 5.725 - 5.875GHz
Antenna Type 18dB Gain Directional Patch
Radiated Power 18dB Super High Gain
Connector SMA Type Male (5/8" to Antenna + 1/4" to Transmitter & Receiver)
Dimensions: 270 x 205 x 15mm
Beam Width 6 Degrees
Impedance 50 +/-5 Ohms
Rated Wind Velocity 125 mph
Operational Temp. -20C ~ 60C
Installation Indoor & Outdoor / Only requires to install at Receiver side, but recommended to install at Transmitter side for the optimal result
Parts Included: Pole Mounting Bracket & Low Loss RF Cable
* Click the following link or paste it to you web browser to review Frequency Comparison Chart. http://www.EZspyCam.com/Download/Freq_Perform_Comparison.pdf

*Click the following link or paste to your web browser to review Samples of Installation Plan. http://www.EZspyCam.com/Download/Wireless-Samples-Inst-Plans.pdf
1-Year warranty will not cover if the equipment malfunctions that caused by improper installation.


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