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Digital PC to Analog TV Converter - Watch your PC screen on TV

You'll have professional presentations with PC to TV converter!
PC to TV converter not only allows you to view all digital files that are saved or being viewed via internet on
your PC on any kind or any size of TV or monitor, but also offers you the finest resolution up to 1600 x 1200


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PC Digital Video to TV Video Converter

Watch your PC screen or Play PC game on your TV!
A perfect presentation is not a dream anymore!

  • With EZspyCam ís PC to TV converter, you are able to connect your PC to TV efficiently. Not only does it display your work from small screen to a big screen, but also offers you the finest resolution up to 1600 x 1200. EZspyCam ís PC to TV converter also allows you to control your work in different ways, like zoom or pan, highlight or freeze, etc.

  • EZspyCam ís PC to TV converter has a very nice user friendly design. You don't need to install any software or drivers since it is an all hardware design. All you need to do is simply plug and display. Moreover, EZspyCam ís PC to TV converter comes with an OSD feature (On Screen Display) function. You can easily control and save your settings. Power from PC USB port makes it convenient for traveling. With EZspyCam ís PC to TV converter, it truly lets you enjoy better visuals and less work.

What a great buy! How about bringing it home now!!
You'll have professional presentations with
EZspyCam ís PC to TV converter!


  • Supports HDTV high quality by Y.Cb.Cr video outputs

  • Supports resolution standards up to 1600 x 1200

  • Horizon & vertical screen size manually adjustable

  • Auto save the user configuration

  • Simultaneous display on both TV and VGA monitors

  • Power from USB or PS/2 port, No need for power adaptor

  • Automatically saves your adjustment settings.

  • Pure hardware design- just Plug and Display, no software drivers or setup required.

  • Supports CVBS, S-VIDEO or RGB & Y.Cb.Cr video outputs with a simple switch change

  • Programmable 2D scaling (without black frame on TV)

  • Powered from a USB or PS/2 port - no power adaptor required.

  • Simultaneous RGB and CVBS output signal available on RGB connector.

  • 24 bit Tue color Dgitizer

  • Panel Buttons: Power, Fine Tune, PAL/NTSC, Zoom, Menu and Position control function.

  • Y.Cb.Cr output supports all interlace formats including YUV,Y.Cb.Cr and Y.Pb.Pr


  • MENU button functions: freeze, Horizontal SIZE (H-SIZE), Vertical SIZE (V-SIZE), Brightness, 
    Contrast, Hue, Saturation, Flicker, OSD color & Reset

  • LED power indicator

  • Independent Horizontal Size and Vertical Size adjustment (programmable 2D scaling)

  • 64 stages of output Brightness, output Contrast, output Hue , and output Saturation adjustment

  • 16 stages of FINE TUNING (Sharpness), and Flicker adjustment

  • Remote Control functions: POWER, VIDEO STANDARD, Position control, RESET, MENU, FREEZE, and ZOOM adjustment.

  • On Screen Display (OSD) operation status

System Requirements:

  • IBM PC Compatible or notebook and Apple MAC

  • Supports NTSC or PAL video standard TV or VCR

  • Provides composite video output, S-Video output, and Y.Cb.Cr terminal output

Parts Included:
Remote Control, Manual, Y Cable, USB Power Cable, Video Cable,
S-Video Cable, Lithium Batter for Remote Control, PC to TV Converter Box, Y.Cb.Cr Cable

Supporting Mode & Resolution Specification:


PC Compatible VGA mode

Apple MAC G4,G4 Cubic,G3

Apple iMac, iMac DV

Vertical frequency (Hz)

640 X 480

60,70,72, 75,85,100,120

60,66,72, 75,85,100,120


800 X 600

56,60,70 ,72,75,85,100

56,60,72, 75,85,100


1024 X768

60,70,72, 75

60,70, 75


1152 X 864

60,70,72, 75



1280 X 960




1280 X 1024




1600 X 1200





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